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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2018 Review and Gallery: Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Head Unit Outlander Phev 2018 PHEV Review and Gallery

Mitsubishi recpc Tuesday, April 03rd, 2018 20:01:08 PM.

On this occasion, we took the opportunity to explore the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV unit, a monokok sodium SUV with plug-in hybrid technology that is one of the few hybrid cars that Mitsubishi has (even the only one). Yes, we know it belongs to the government, but that does not mean we should not study the same SUV with Honda CR-V, Nissan X-Trail, Chevrolet Captiva, Hyundai Santa Fe, KIA Sorento and Mazda CX-5 is not it?

Previously, please, make a layman, this is Outlander only, not Outlander Sport. As Pajero Sport is a half-baked Pajero with a cheaper price tag, Outlander Sport is also a Lancer ordained as a half-cooked Outlander with a more competitive price tag. Well, let’s explore together in First Impression Review Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV this.


Actually this PHEV Outlander is an old car, even soon it will get a facelift. It’s just, because it never circulated officially in Indonesia, it feels brandy if first met. Mitsu’s face really with the pull of Dynamic Shield design that became the identity of the new Mitsubishi, as in Xpander and Pajero Sport. The headlights are already LED and there are 4 projectors in the headlights, 2 on the left and 2 on the right. DRL and fog lights? There is dong.

The front bumper is already adorned with parking sensors at some point, including a camera on the muzzle of this car. That is, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV already has a 360 degree camera feature. If you trust the camera more than the parking sensor, you can turn off the parking sensor feature from inside the cabin. Build quality exterior is tolerable, although in some units of white color it feels there is a bit striped paint. If in black units, it looks more neat.

Outlander PHEV rims whitewash with two-tone finishing, the design was quite attractive. Because of CBU, he still wear Toyo tires with size 225/55 R18, which means the rim diameter of 18 inches. The four brakes are definitely discs with all the safety devices such as ABS, EBD and others, even Brake Hold was already there. Front Collision Warning was already pinned. Ground clearance of this car does not seem tall, and according to claims Mitsubishi, the figure mentioned is 190 mm.

There is a small sunroof on the roof of this car, but unfortunately this is still a regular sunroof, not a panoramic roof like Hyundai Santa Fe for example. Fortunately, PHEV Outlander still has a roof rail to accommodate the installation of roof rack. Affair chrome decoration, Mitsubishi only install in most grille and front fascia line, trim window, near side skirt and near plate number. Not too much, and not even tacky at all. Rear-left mirrors are also fitted with cameras like front and back.

The stern design of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is much simpler than its front design. If there is any interesting, most just an LED-style accents on both brake lights. Of course there is already a defogger, rear parking sensors, reverse camera and wiper, it’s just that the design is not conspicuous on the streets. This car looks great, but when viewed directly, it was not as big as we thought before. Of course Pajero Sport is still bigger than Outlander.

Create an Outlander PHEV, there are 2 covers on each side of the car. Open the left side cover, it is where we fill the usual gasoline to tank and he requires fuel with a minimum octane value of 95. On the right, then there is a port for striking the battery charger to the available PLN electricity. FYI, the cable itself is pretty solid and a bit heavy when we have to carry it.

Additional information, there are 2 ways to charge the battery. The first way with normal charging, in which the battery can be filled from almost up to 100% full in 5 hours. The second way is to use quick charging (as in smartphone), where the battery can only be filled up to 80% in 25 minutes. A few reminders, too often using quick charging can shorten battery life faster.


Too bad Outlander PHEV does not have a dashboard with a luxurious or elegant design. Tend to be simple, simple and standard, but Mitsubishi is not a good brand in terms of design. Fortunately, they can still choose soft touch material for half dashboard and upper door, while half down it’s all hard plastic. Leather seats with original stitching have become standard here, and the black piano panel in the center was worth a little appreciated.

The installation quality is good, feels solid and strong. Instantly trying to sit down, the sitting position is pretty ergonomic and a little high, but not as tall as the Pajero Sport. Setting the driver’s seat is electric, whether it’s for reclining, sliding and height adjusters. Steering wheel is also tilt and telescopic, with a design familiar to his brother who bersasis ladder frame. Oh yes, do not be fooled seam in the middle of the steering wheel, that’s fake.

The buttons on the steering wheel include audio functions, telephone, voice command and cruise control, do not forget there is a paddle shift magnesium behind it. The instrument panel resembles Pajero Sport with a large MID screen, except that the tachometer does not have the RPM number, but the engine flow status consisting of charge, eco and power. In addition to PHEV Outlander, similar setups exist in Toyota and BMW hybrid cars.

Charge means the car is getting energy for charging the battery, either via deceleration, braking or electric plugs. Eco means economical mode and power means maximum power mode. On the right side of the driver, there are buttons for forward collision warning, turn off parking sensors, open electric trunk door and to turn off stability control. Electronic parking brake was pretty smart.

For example, the electronic parking brake will not be removable if the driver does not wear a seat belt. A safety feature is quite smart is not it? Outlander PHEV head unit has a somewhat slow response, the impression is very aftermarket. Just below the head unit, there is a button for Eco mode, hazard, airbag indicator and passenger safety belt indicator, but even though this car does not have third row seat, there are still traces of third row passenger belt.

The model of the digital AC button is similar to Mirage and Pajero Sport, of course it has dual zone and auto climate control. Underneath it again, there is a button for defogger, power outlet and make button to turn off the electric motor opening luggage door, useful to prevent the motor is damaged if you want to open the manual cover. Unfortunately, this car is still too many empty slots that make it look cheap, slot key holder car was still too loose for his own key.

We love the black wood trims in the center console, fancy in harmony with the unique gear that reads “Outlander PHEV”. The gear model resembles a Toyota Prius with P, R, N and B modes, where B mode acts as an engine brake. There is a button “CHRG” which if we switch on, gasoline engine directly acts as a generator that also recharge the battery in addition to performing its main task, ie run the car.

Then what is the “SAVE” button function? If it is pressed, we can keep the charging level to a certain level according to our will. “Twin Motor 4WD Lock” button will activate 4WD mode when we press it and “EV” button allows us to run this car with battery power only. If you use battery power, maximum mileage is claimed about 52.8 kilometers with a maximum speed of 112 km / hour.

The electronic parking brake and brake hold buttons are of course obviously functional, so no need to explain anymore. Because this car CBU, seat heater feature is still neatly embedded although somehow wearing. In front of the gear there is a pair of cup holders, and its center console box has a power outlet and 1 USB port. Unfortunately, the center console box cover is easily stuck between the two front seats. His position is also rather low for armrest.
The practicality of Outlander PHEV is represented via a handy front-door pocket, a glovebox that is relieved with a special slot for the book or folder inside. Safety features Outlander PHEV includes 7 airbags in the entire cabin and ISOFIX seats. Sunroof has become standard for this car, but other cars in its class already offer panoramif roof.

Sitting in the second row of cabins, the passengers will get a room of relief. There is no complaint about foot and head space, and if the backrest is felt slightly erect, there is a lever that can be used to lay it down. Not a competitor, but not none at all, right? The cabin floor is a bit flat, so can load 3 people with similar comfort and provided 3 pieces of real headrest.

Armrest also provides 2 cup holder, but sometimes it is rather difficult to make this armrest folded into the original place, it seems slotnya too small. Apart from the wide space, rear passengers do not get much stuff to be played there. There is no AC button, the door pocket is smaller than in front and there is no power outlet. Though the English version there you know.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV apparently made with some sacrifices. At Outlander DI-D diesel, consumers can get a third row bench, but Outlander PHEV is not. The existence of batteries and 1 electric motor that claimed most of the space behind makes the presence of the back seat so a bit difficult. In the end, Outlander PHEV is available only 5 seater version only. This is also the same problem with the X-Trail hybrid.

But at least the baggage is relieved right? Well, not if we talk numbers. Hyundai Tucson whose luggage is 513 liters still can surpass Outlander PHEV, because the Outlander baggage only capacity 463 liters. At least there is a tray cover for the privacy of luggage and joknya can be folded flat floor. Joknya folding the same as old Daihatsu Sirion, which is the front of the thighs folded forward first, new back rest put to sleep.

Mitsubishi took his own way in designing the electronic trunk door. Usually, the door opening motor is planted in the opening hydraulics, but Mitsubishi makes it installed separately. That is the reason there is 1 extra strut to the left of the trunk door, because strut is what opens and closes the door electronically. The mechanism of electronic openings is very slow, although the bike is not as dubious as a SUV ladder frame of the favorites of the OKB here.

Okay, some other SUVs that have electronic trunk door can also be turned off, but sometimes open and close it is still a bit heavy right? Another PHEV outlander, because when the electronic mechanism is turned off, the trunk door feels normal and light when opened and closed, because no inbuilt electronic mechanism built in the two main hydraulic strut. Perhaps this system can be replicated and developed again by other parties.


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV uses a 2,000 cc 4-cylinder MIVEC engine that is combined with 2 electric motors on the front and rear axles. The compression ratio is 10.5: 1, and its own petrol-powered 121 PS and 190 Nm of torque. Small yes power for 2,000 cc engine size? Looks like this old machine too. Fortunately, 2 electric motor congenital Outlander PHEV ready to cover the shortage of gasoline engine it.

When the ability of both electric motors is combined, the maximum power both in the number 160.9 hp and torque combined both 332 Nm. Great too right? Electric motors can work independently with electricity from the battery, or get electrical energy from the machine that can break the connection with the gearbox and only served as a generator. He can also work in unison with a gasoline engine to spin the wheels and move the car.

Transmission itself is made by GKN, with the name Multi-Mode eTransmission. How does it feel? I do not know, we have not had time to test this car on the street. Oh yes, for Outlander PHEV users, there are applications that you can plug in your gadget to monitor this car. This application allows us to know the charging status of the car while it is plugged into a power outlet and we can also turn on this car from the AC application.


This plug-in hybrid car is one of the most advanced ever made by Mitsubishi. Not a pure electric car indeed, because there is still intervention of gasoline engine, but this tends to be accepted more easily here. Like the Nissan Note e-Power, it can still depend on regular gasoline, just how the government and ATPM are willing to work together in preparing the hybrid and electric car infrastructure here.

Unfortunately the sophistication behind the skin is still wrapped by packaging that has begun to wear out. Outwardly obsolete, because it looks not very special specials and the cabin does not feel too well. Kepratisan and flexibility can still be improved, because the CR-V hybrid that we saw in TMS 2017 yesterday able to maintain the third row seats (which certainly not relieved).

That’s why in Geneva later, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV will get a new upgrade with a larger 2,400 cc engine, larger battery (13.8 kWh versus 12 kWh in Outlander PHEV), an electric motor that is 10% more powerful and more torque large (137 Nm for the front motor and 195 Nm for the rear motor) and exterior changes that you can see in the picture below.


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