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Datsun Go Cross 2018 Review and Photo Gallery: Datsun

Datsun Cross 2018 Engine Go Review and Photo Gallery

Datsun recpc Monday, April 09th, 2018 19:51:21 PM.

When Datsun introduces himself, Datsun is positioned as a middle-down division by Nissan, while Nissan is targeting the middle class and Infiniti targeting the upper classes. Dastun GO Panca’s debut as very clearly depicted their brand image as a cheap brand.

But with the Datsun Cross – again, Cross, no-frills Go – Datsun try to level up by saying that this is not LCGC, and really dare when the Datsun GO + Panca based car that uses the official 5 + 2 seater format plastic surgery and join nge-gym let dashing thanks to its crossover look. Is it just a face change or is there something better? Check out Datsun Cross 2018 review from AutonetMagz!


The first time we met with Datsun Cross concept was when we came to GIIAS several years ago. When I saw the cool concept, I murmured to myself, “Ah, stumbling to be the most GO + Panca given body kit.” It turns out I’m not 100% correct, because Datsun Indonesia completely overhauled the GO + Panca face with the appropriate design concept to create Datsun Cross. Likes that the version of masspro can be made similar concept.

Compared to GO, Datsun Cross face is much cooler. Create car lovers with a solid face contains, Datsun Cross face can not be underestimated for cars under 200 millions. The new light design is more flattened than GO, and the innards are steady thanks to the LED positioning lamp and projector lens as the default Datsun Cross. Still halogen, but let’s say, anyway most players in the class 200 millions down no one is wearing HID, Xenon or LED.

The position of fog lights close to the main light is very similar to the concept. Maybe a bit strange, but this design actually strengthens the character of Datsun Cross whether you like it or not. One look at this face, the car pictured ya Datsun Cross. To deepen the meaning of the name Cross, Datsun Cross is given a handsome body kit crossover in front, complete with black plastic cladding, front protector silver and a little motif a la carbon fiber. Of course artificially.

Datsun Cross also make changes by providing ground clearance as high as 200 mm, aka only 1 mm difference from Honda BR-V is 201 mm. Datsun said, ground clearance was obtained from many factors, one of which is the selection of rims and tires are thicker. Datsun Cross standard rim is a 15 inch alloy rims with a decent design, do not make this car look cingkrang kinds of GO. It would be better and proportional if the tread can be widened.

The hexagonal grille that characterizes the new Datsun still survives, and as with GO Panca, it has only 1 wiper rod for the entire window area. Exterior workmanship is also not neat, kind of black overfender plastic arch that does not meet with the original fender arch in Datsun Cross body. In the case of the car we encountered, the black plastic overfender was denser to the bumper but tenuous on the part near the front door. In short, the installation progress.

The gaps between the panels were quite horror. Take for example the gap between the front door and the front fender that is too wide. Feeling when opening and closing the door was no expensive and solid impression at all, feels fragile and thin rubber door. The mirror has not been electrically folded yet, but the mirror arrangement is electrically and already exists in the rearview mirror. From the side, just look if this car is the base GO + Panca.

Fortunately, there are side skirts and new side molding if Datsun Cross owners are unwillingly equated with Datsun GO + Panca in appearance. This car still has disc brakes in front and rear tromol, but already installed ABS, EBD, BA and for the first time, Datsun offers stability control titled VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control). Rarely do cars under 200 millions have stability control?

Roof rail mounted on the roof of Datsun Cross claimed able to withstand loads up to 30 kg, useful for supporting luggage during the holidays or going home. Going back, again the sightings of Datsun GO + Panca are very clear. Roof spoiler is still relatively the same, but special Cross there is black plastic as an additional decoration. We’re happy when Cross offers wipers for the rear glass, because GO does not have that. Nice.

There is a pair of parking sensors behind it, but no parking cameras and baggage door handles. That’s right, how to open the trunk only via a lever near the driver’s seat or plug the lock into the trunk door lock. I wonder why? What’s wrong with giving the door handle behind the number plate garnish?
Again, a set of body kits with rear bumper protector silver and accent carbon fiber accents to give the impression of “Racing” as modified in NFS Underground 2 to be able to visual rating 10. Datsun Cross muffler has got a muffler cutter, unlike the GO Panca left plain as it is. For the CVT version, there is a CVT emblem on the left side of the car.


Create a prospective owner of Datsun Cross, they will not feel the exact same scene with Datsun GO behind the wheel. Datsun has tried to be kind enough to give a new design dashboard. The plastic material is the same as the GO Datsun, and the steering wheel is similar to GO’s. This wheel can not be changed position, and there is no button on the wheel other than the horn button. But, Datsun Cross already have auto headlamp.

In addition to auto headlamp, the lights also have features follow me home like GO. Dual airbags are ready standby behind the new dashboard, and this car seat headrest is not separate, and at that time combined with a seat that can be reclining, backward but cannot be altered the height, hard to find an ideal driving position here. Fortunately, the seat is quite soft though the material is thin, buttocks and thighs will not directly meet with the frame upholstery.

Not only that, the new instrument panel with carbon fiber molding motif in it is complete with an independent analog tachometer, something that just became a figment for Datsun GO Panca owner. Uniquely, Cross manual has a lower redline compared with Cross CVT, for some reason. Oh yes, CVT Datsun Cross gear lever is a common parts with city car that became his brother, Nissan March.

We are happy when Datsun Cross left the model of the seat that connects left and right like a park bench, they choose to give a separate normal seat. Goodbye to the handbrake model of a very old drag like Toyota Kijang Kotak, because the hand brake has now moved and placed between the two front seats. There are also many improvements in this sector, yes.

Changes are also felt in the driver’s door. Now, there are 4 power window buttons to set all windows in this car, and this is absent in GO Panca. We’ve tried, apparently the driver’s power window just auto down only, not auto up. Adjacent to the rearrangement adjustment button, there is a make button to turn off and turn on the stability control of this car. If all the cheap cars can have stability control yes, GO just do not have the problem.

Not a lot of pockets in this car, because in addition to the standard front door pockets, glovebox this car was a mediocre size. Bags near his handbrake can not accommodate much, most only change, sweets and parking tickets. The Datsun Cross AC control is still similar to GO’s, with only 2 swivel knobs surrounded by a carbon-shaped cover that is easy to shake when pressed.

Head unit Datsun Cross is a touch screen unit head with 6.75 inch screen size. Standard features already include Bluetooth, AUX, smartphone connection and USB slot stored in the glovebox. Should not be too hopeful with the sound quality produced, because the speakers there are only 2 pieces. Both of these car sunvisors have no mirrors and lights, just plain just like that.

Log in to the second row cabin, the room for adults is quite okay. The room of his head was quite relieved for an adult 178cm tall, his own leg room not as immaculate as his headroom, but enough. The problem here is the absence of a real headrest in the middle of the seat, there is only a headrest that makes the stage less comfortable when adults want to rest their heads.

There are no pockets at all in the second row other than the small box on the back of the handbrake. No blowers also for second row passengers. The right-left passenger can seatbelt 3 points, while the middle can be 2 points. There is not much to tell here, because there is nothing. Access to the third row bench is one touch tumble, but a bit troublesome because the lever to be drawn there on both sides of the outer seat of this middle row.

Third-row bench is hell for adults, because sitting there is torturing. Head stuck, feet stuck, seat bowed and thighs held high. Just make the children feel like they’re here, and again there’s no bag here. On the bright side, if you’re really upset with somebody, this third row space will be the perfect spot to torture her by getting her to sit there and walk through the curly streets.

If the third row seats stand, this car has almost no luggage space, but we can think of this car as a 5 seater with the trunk of a relief when the third row seat we throw away … Sorry, we mean fold. Simply pull the lever on the left side of the third row seat, we can have a spacious luggage room.


Datsun Cross is a 1,200 cc 3-cylinder engine similar to the Datsun GO. For the manual, the power is still similar in the range of 68 PS at 5,000 rpm while the 104 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm. Special CVT, power up 10 PS to 78 PS at 6,000 rpm and torque remains 104 Nm, but achieved at 4,400 rpm. CVT Datsun Cross claimed to adopt Nissan technology, so there may be a sense of XTronic Nissan CVT.

There is no silencer on the hood and the painting is even rudimentary. Even when closed, there was a voice that indicated a frail impression, rather than a light or light impression. With 35 liter tank capacity, if you fill it with RON 90 gasoline that costs 7,500 Rupiah per liter, you need 262,500 Rupiah to fill it up.


Admittedly, Datsun Cross including a beautiful car with good view, safety features were fairly reliable with the stability control, airbags and ABS, additional new facilities such as head unit brand, power windows for the four windows on the driver side and others.

Even if you rarely use the third row, suppose you buy a 5-seater city car with the most extensive baggage in its class. Just like GO + Panca, the third row is an emergency seat that is only suitable for children, and very not recommended for adult passengers.


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